We’re experts in this field of insurance, so if you don’t think your car belongs in one of the categories below, don’t worry.

As long as there is something a bit different about your vehicle – if it’s modified, imported, or just a car that you think is a bit special – give us a call and tell us about it.

Even if you’ve got motoring convictions, our specialist team will look at your circumstances and work hard to find you the cheapest cover on the market.

Contact our team of experts now and enjoy the cheapest specialist vehicle cover available.

  • Motorhomes & Campervan Insurance

    Motorhomes & Campervans

    Your Motorhome is a home away from home, so ensure you’re covered adequately and rest assure once you’ve spoken to our specialist team.

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  • Get your American Classic Car insurance from Premium Choice

    American Classic Car Insurance

    We understand how much your American Classic car means to you, our car enthusiasts work tirelessly to ensure you’re insured correctly at the best price!

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  • modified and custom car insurance

    Custom Car

    Getting insurance for a custom car can be challenging, here at Premium Choice we have enthusiasts on hand to better understand your insurance needs.

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  • Military Vehicle Insurance

    Military Vehicle

    You’d never call a military vehicle a standard car, so you’re not going to get the right cover by going to a standard insurance company.

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  • Classic car insurance with Premium Choice

    Classic Car

    If you want to deal with classic car enthusiasts who know what they are talking about when it comes to insurance, you’re in the right place.

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  • 4x4 and off road car insurance from Premium Choice

    4×4 & Off-Road

    4×4 car insurance is a fairly specialised market, and it’s one we know well. So use Premium Choice for your 4×4 car insurance.

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  • KIt Car Insurance

    Kit Car

    Building your car from a kit takes time and care; and though it’s out of a box, your insurance definitely shouldn’t be.

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  • Performance & Super Car Insurance

    Performance & Super Car

    Getting insurance for a performance car at a reasonable price can be a challenge – unless you give us a call, that is…

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  • Get your Modified Car insurance from Premium Choice

    Modified Car

    We believe the extra time you’ve spent on your vehicle shouldn’t equate to extra hassle getting cover for it.

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  • Imported Car Insurance


    Whether it’s a grey import or a parallel, here at Premium Choice we know our stuff.

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