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Our Values

We’re big believers in keeping our employees engaged – that’s why team ethic plays a fundamental part in all areas of our business.

We always explain the reasons behind new incentives, and listen to the feedback we’re given from employee council meetings in order to improve the working environment for our staff.

With approximately 250 employees and counting, we’re always looking for dynamic, passionate and dedicated people to join our team.

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Premium Choice


Customer Centric
Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our objectives and achievements

We treat each other and customers alike with both dignity and respect, ensuring that a personalised service is offered to our clients

We are open, honest and transparent and involve others in our work

That we apply original, creative thoughts and solutions that inspire others around us

We consider ourselves to be equals, who are working together towards a common goal, sharing our ideas whilst celebrating success

That we are positive and enthusiastic in our approach to making progress


That we are both professionals and leaders in our field, who are empowered and inspire others

Premium Choice

Can-do attitude

At Premium Choice, we never stand still. We’re continually looking for ways to change our processes and procedures and to improve the customer journey. That’s why it’s essential that all our team members are working towards the same goals with a positive, can-do attitude – it’s what helps us grow. Our values.

There are a few main components we look for in individuals to help us achieve this goal:

  • A ‘can-do’ attitude
  • A desire to achieve
  • A willingness to work hard
  • A strong sense of motivation
  • An interest in innovation

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