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Owning a motorhome is a lifestyle choice – we understand that. It opens up a world of travel and adventure without being bound by fixed itineraries and hotels. It is also an economical way to see new places and experience new things. Our specialist motorhome insurance team would be happy to help you obtain the cheapest quote for insurance we can possibly get and we doubt you’ll find anything better for the money.

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Premium Choice

Providing Cover

We know you’re likely to be a very safe driver and so does the panel of motorhome underwriters we work with. There are a wide variety of discounts we can offer you. First we need to find out how you’re planning to use your motorhome or camper-van and then we can give you all the options.

For example, it’s very probable that you’ll be able to take advantage of our low mileage discounts, as the majority of owners in the UK do less than 5,000 miles per year. If you take your vehicle abroad and drive longer distances, however, we also have schemes for you which cover the whole of the EU.

Premium Choice

So what kind of insurance
quote can you expect ?

Putting all this together, Premium Choice can generally offer you the cheapest premiums available based on your circumstances. We’re specialists and don’t offer ‘mass market’ insurance, like those incessant ads on the television. We can however offer you combined deals on your standard car policy as part of your motorhome insurance and these can represent excellent value.

We work with specialist underwriters whom we’ve come to know over the years. They understand the needs of the recreational vehicle owner and so do we.

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