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Military Vehicle Insurance

You’d never call a military vehicle a standard car, so you’re not going to get the right cover by going to a standard insurance company.

From tanks, to jeeps, to field ambulances, to armoured cars; Premium Choice specialise in providing cover for this sector.

Clearly your needs are going to be different from those of the average Ford Mondeo driver. That’s why we use specialist underwriters who know and understand this whole area of insurance, which means cheaper premiums and the appropriate levels of cover given your particular circumstances.

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We’re one of the first insurers to agree a discount for members of the Military Vehicle Trust. And best of all, we’re happy to cover any other vehicles you own under the same policy at huge discounts.

If you just need a quick quote on insuring a standard car, then try our ‘Quote Me Now’ We also cover accessories, salvage retention, vehicles-in-transit, and most other specialised requirements of the military vehicle enthusiast.

In addition to many other benefits of insuring via Premium Choice, we can offer the key benefits listed below.

So give us a call now, and speak to our trained and knowledgeable staff for affordable cover that’s sure to provide a distinguished service.

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Premium Choice

Benefits & Features

  • UK and European Breakdown Cover
  • Discounts for Military Club Members
  • Discounts for Limited Mileage
  • Multiple Vehicle Discounts
  • Show and Event Cover
  • Agreed Value
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