Alfa Romeo Insurance

If you are the owner of one of the fabulously crafted Alfa Romeo cars, then you will no doubt want to protect your investment with the very best Alfa Romeo Insurance you possibly can.

Whether you are the proud driver of the dynamic compact three door MiTo or the sleek, beguiling 5 door coupe Giulietta, you may have already experienced the overpriced premiums from companies looking to capitalise on your car insurance. This high price is then exacerbated further if you are a young driver or have a previous history of motoring convictions or insurance claims.

Where We Come In

This is where Premium Choice insurance comes in. Boasting an unparalleled customer service record, we at Premium Choice are proud to offer our knowledge and expertise in providing superior car insurance cover to motorists across the UK, and we specialise in dealing with prestigious makes and models from quality car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo.

We don’t believe that there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all policy, in fact at Premium Choice we see each customer as an individual and seek to treat them as exactly that. Our dedicated team will work with you to tailor a bespoke insurance policy to suit your individual needs and budget.

As one of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we can offer all motorists highly competitive rates, and your account handler will do all the hard work for you by scouring our panel of over 20 of the country’s top car insurers to find you the best possible fully comprehensive premium prices for your vehicle.

We insure a number of Alfa Romeo vehicles including:

  • Alfa Romeo 149
  • Alfa Romeo 155
  • Alfa Romeo 159
  • Alfa Romeo 166
  • Alfa Romeo 2000
  • Alfa Romeo 33
  • Alfa Romeo 6C
  • Alfa Romeo 8C
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta
  • Alfa Romeo Brera
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Alfa Romeo GT
  • Alfa Romeo GTV
  • Alfa Romeo Mito
  • Alfa Romeo Spider
  • Alfa Romeo Spyder
  • Alfa Romeo 90
  • Alfa Romeo 147
  • Alfa Romeo 156
  • Alfa Romeo 164
  • Alfa Romeo 1750
  • Alfa Romeo 2600
  • Alfa Romeo 6
  • Alfa Romeo 75
  • Alfa Romeo Alfasud
  • Alfa Romeo Ama
  • Alfa Romeo Dauphine
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  • Alfa Romeo GTA
  • Alfa Romeo GTV6
  • Alfa Romeo Montreal
  • Alfa Romeo Sprint
  • Alfa Romeo SZ

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