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What is a Kit Car?

There is no true definition of a Kit Car. We understand that all kit cars and replica cars are individual in their own way. From self builds to factory builds, all kit cars are personal to the owner.

At Premium Choice we understand that your vehicle will not be the same as the next client’s vehicle, so our policies are tailored to your needs. Even after years of insuring kit cars, there will always be new things for us, and we are always willing to listen and learn about your vehicles.

How Much Is Kit Car Insurance?

When it comes to the cost of kit car insurance there are many variables that affect this. We offer discounts for limited mileage policies and offer club discounts, so if you are a member of a kit car club please let us know.

The nature of your kit car influences the price you pay for insurance, but we can cover anything from a Lotus 7 style kit all the way to a Ceobra replica.

We use a varied panel of insurers to ensure our premiums remain competitive. If you would like a quote, please fill out *this form and we’ll call you to discuss a quote.

What level of Kit Car cover?

We have many years of experience covering all types of kit cars, so we understand that you may need different levels of cover. We can cover your kit car during the build stage and after, so even if you’ve not finished your build, we can still offer a competitive quote.

Kit Car Features & Benefits


Kit Car Breakdown cover

We can offer a specialist breakdown cover for your kit car. This covers you at home, on the roadside and in Europe. This will recover you to a garage for repairs if applicable, to your onward destination or to your home.

Our breakdown experts understand that with the individual nature of kit cars sometimes the best person to fix the vehicle will be yourself, so will take you home at your request.


Second vehicle discount  

We can offer a discount if your kit car is a second vehicle, but we can also cover your kit car as your only vehicle.


Multi-vehicle policies  

If you are lucky enough to own more than one kit car then we can cover all your kit cars on one policy.


Discounts for limited mileage

We can offer mileage limits from as little as 1000 miles per year up to 7500 miles per year. Our panel of insurers offer discounts for having a mileage limitation on your policy which increases as your mileage decreases.


Kit Car Insurance Discounts for Club Members

If you are a member of a kit car club, our panel of insurers offer bespoke discounts on your policy.


Agreed value

Whether you have a self-build kit car or have a manufacturer-built kit you don’t want to be left without compensation. Our agreed value service agreed by in-house experts, ensures that in the worst-case scenario you are not left out of pocket.


Salvage retention cover  

We understand that you can’t directly replace a kit car as they are all one of a kind, so all our policies include salvage retention.

What Our Kit Car Insurance Does Not Cover

  • Our Specialist Vehicle policies do not provide any cover for driving other cars.
  • We cannot provide cover for drivers under the age of 21.
  • You will not earn any No Claims Bonus.