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How it works

Cost £17.00*

Typically, all cars from early 2000 onwards are fitted with an electronic immobiliser. For this device to be deactivated, a corresponding microchip is contained in the key. The cost of replacing a key, and any necessary reprogramming, ranges from £150 to £250 for an average 4 door family saloon, and upwards of £250 for sports and prestige vehicles.

Some motor insurance policies will provide limited cover for the loss of car keys, however any claim presented could require the policy excess to be paid. This could affect your No Claims Discount or result in the renewal premium increasing.

Our Keycare product covers all the keys you own and it doesn’t have an excess. It is a separate policy to your motor insurance so it wont affect your No Claims Discount of renewal premium.

If you or any designated family member loses keys attached to a Keycare fob, inadvertently lock them in your car or home, or your keys are stolen, you call the assistance helpline where your situation will be assessed. They will then arrange the following:

  • A locksmith to provide replacement locks and keys
  • The reprogramming of keys, immobilisers, and any infrared handsets or alarms that were attached to the fob.

The Cover

This policy is intended to protect you from the cost and expenses involved in replacing lost or stolen car keys.

The main aspects of the policy include:

Keycare fob
Any keys attached to a Keycare fob are covered. The fob is supplied when the policy is taken out.

Policy limit and excess
There is an cumulative policy limit of £1,500 during the 12 month policy period. The customer will be responsible for any amount incurred in excess of this limit. There is
£0 excess.

Multiple occupants
The policy can also cover the keys of family members residing at the same address as the policyholder provided the keys are attached to a Keycare fob up to the policy
limit. Additional fobs can be provided on request.

A 14-day cooling-off period
During this time you may cancel the policy without incurring a penalty.

Main Conditions

  • You must make claims as soon as possible and within 30 days. Events reported after 30 days are not covered.
  • The car keys and any other keys that are to be covered must be attached to the Keycare fob at all times.
  • You must not attach anything showing your name and address to your keys or the Keycare fob.
  • You must record the unique number contained on the key fob on your Helpline Card contained in your policy document as this will be required should you make a claim.
  • Keys will not be considered lost until three days have passed to reduce the risk of unnecessary replacement and repairs.
  • If your keys are stolen you must report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number.

Significant exclusions and limitations

  • Refunds are not available after the 14-day cooling-off period.
  • Keys not attached to the Keycare fob.
  • Costs relating to damaged or broken keys or locks are not covered. This includes replacing lock barrels, and faulty electronic control units due to use or lack of maintenance.
  • Sums claimed without invoices or receipts.
  • Costs incurred by Keycare when a customer fails to attend a locksmith or tradesman appointment.


Ageas Limited deliver the service, which is administered by Keycare Limited. It is contractually obliged to provide you with cover for replacement locks and any call out charges.

*Premium includes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current prevailing rate.

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