Where do I send my No Claims Bonus (NCB) proof?

Where do I send my No Claims Bonus (NCB) proof?

As with any other insurer, we’ll need your no claims bonus (NCB) proof. This should be in the form of your latest renewal notice or evidence of your last cancelled or lapsed car insurance policy. If there is any gap in cover you need to make us aware, as this may make a difference to the cover we can offer you.

What format can I send you my NCB in?

It is quick and easy to send us your details digitally:

  1. Scan your documents using a desktop scanner
  2. Take pictures of your documents using a digital camera, smartphone or tablet

You can then attach the images to an email and send them over to us.

Alternatively, you can send a copy or scan your documents using the methods below.

Where do I send my NCB?

  • Secure Web Upload: click here
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Post: Premium Choice, Pendeford House, Pendeford Business Park, Overstrand, Wolverhampton WV9 5AP.
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