What if I don’t have proof of my No Claims Bonus (NCB)?

What if I don’t have proof of my No Claims Bonus (NCB)?

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If you don’t have written proof of No Claims Bonus (NCB) , you can do either of the following:

  • You can contact your previous insurer directly and ask them to send you proof of NCB.
  • You can email us at admin@premiumchoice.co.uk with your policy reference number in the subject line. Send us your previous insurance company name, previous insurance policy number, vehicle registration number and your previous address if you have moved within the last 2 years; and we will try to obtain the proof of NCB for you.

(Please note if your previous insurer was Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant or Quote Me Happy, you will have to contact the insurer as they will need to speak to you directly)

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